Welcome to First Church Academy for Young Children!



Located where the center meets the square, in the heart of West Hartford, Connecticut.

First Church Academy for Young Children provides a consistent and nurturing environment encouraging the growth of the whole child. We welcome preschool children of all faiths and backgrounds into our learning community. We have been serving children and families since 1941. First Church Academy for Young Children is a non-sectarian program of First Church, West Hartford. We welcome all families regardless of disabling condition, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, ethnicity, race, or religion.

Why Choose Us?


FLEXIBILITY– Some families would prefer a morning program for their Pre-K 3’s or 4’s, some need a short day until 3:30 and others need a full day until 5:30. The Academy has it all! We are here to meet your needs!

CONSISTENCY – Our children are taught by the same staff every day throughout the day. Even our afternoon play is guided by The CT ELDS (Early Learning and Development Standards.) Your children are nurtured and part of the same family all day.

SCHEDULING AUTONOMY – We are fortunate to be independent from corporate directives or larger school constraints so we can truly respond to children’s inquisitive minds and allow them to explore in a more spontaneous manner. For example, if children are engaged in reading about the size of vegetable plants, they can take a trip outdoors, with their teachers, to measure the plants in our garden. Although schedules are essential for providing the necessary structure, children are permitted time to approach questions from new perspectives that might deviate from the normal routine.

Colby, Aiden and PoeChildren in Library

ENGAGING LOCATION – As part of West Hartford Center, we have regular opportunities to engage in programs and less formal visits to places of interest that broaden their concept of community.